Topics of Interest

    The ROSS workshop aims at providing an international forum for researchers from academia and industry, to address challenges and solutions to automate orchestration and fault-recovery tasks in current network infrastructures, where the density and heterogeneity of their nature make it impossible to rely on manual solutions, exploring ML and AI techniques in order to automate the orchestration and fault-recovery functions.

    Authors are invited to submit unpublished work with novel contributions, in the field of self-healing and self-organized network infrastructures. Topics include and are not limited to:

  • AI/ML integration in service and network management decision-making, including resource optimization
  • AI-based zero-touch approaches for heterogeneous and cross-domain network infrastructures
  • Self-organizing and self-healing models for edge/device-to-network integration, MEC, and heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Adaptation approaches of legacy architectures toward self-organizing networks
  • Automated service offloading in the Cloud and edge
  • Reliability, trust modelling, and zero-trust approaches as an enabler for self-organizing and self-healing networks
  • Slice life-cycle management using self-healing solutions
  • Security considerations for self-healing networks: threat models and countermeasures
  • Forecasting, anomaly detection, fast failure recovery & high availability on self-healing networks
  • Automated SLA management and QoS guarantees in self-organizing infrastructures
  • Dynamic service migration and service placement in self-organized networks
  • Federated learning and AI models for efficient data collection and resource modelling
  • Use cases and requirements to move towards self-organized and self-healing networks
  • Federated AI models for efficient data collection and resource monitoring
  • Architecture design and implementation for self-organized and self-healing infrastructures
  • Self-organising and self-healing solutions for 5G and 6G networks
  • Smart mechanics for mobility and urban computing